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Unparalleled Access

At SIU, we’ve made it part of our mission to dismantle anything that stands between people and discovery. Whether through scholarships, grants, or loans, we put your college experience within reach. 

We will guide you through the process and will be available to assist you every step along the way, ensuring that every person has the opportunity to succeed at SIU.

Important Announcements

The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Application is now available to complete electronically at  For questions, check here.

New Parent Access

Good News!  SIU has developed a new proxy access to view student information.  This is great for parents and guardians to view financial aid, billing, and registration information.  To create proxy access, students should log in to SalukiNet and click on "my records," then navigate to the "Proxy Management"  For questions, check here.

**Please Note, students will need to establish a passphrase and communicate it to the proxy when setting up access.   In order for the proxy to discuss financial aid information (either in person or over the phone) the proxy will need to provide the passphrase that the student has established. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Deadlines

Spring 2016 - January 22, 2016
Summer 2016 - June 17, 2016
Fall 2016 - August 26, 2016

A student must submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline date to be considered for financial aid. To access the forms, click here.

Terms and Conditions

Students who have been awarded institutional gift aid ( SIU Grant, Institutional Scholarships, Perkins Loan) must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall at SIU Carbondale in order to remain eligible for institutional gift aid. For complete details about the terms and conditions of receiving financial aid at SIU, check here.


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