Student Rights and Responsibilities

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You have the right to know:

  1. What financial aid programs are available and the application deadline for each program.
  2. The allowable cost for tuition, fees, room/board, books, supplies, transportation, personal and miscellaneous expenses that are included in your school expense budget. You may also request to itemize your own budget if you follow existing guidelines.
  3. What family resources you and/or your parents are expected to contribute to meet your college costs.
  4. How much of your financial aid need will be met by financial aid programs after allowing for the expected contributions from you and/or your parents.
  5. How your "package" of financial aid offers will be determined.
  6. Information about each program through which you are receiving financial aid.
  7. The University's refund policies for tuition, fees, and food and housing.
  8. How much of your financial aid must be repaid if you withdraw from school before the end of the semester.
  9. Loan interest rates, total amounts to be repaid, length of time to repay the loans, and when repayments are to begin.
  10. The University's policy for determining satisfactory academic progress. Further, you have the right to know that if you do not make satisfactory academic progress, your financial aid may be terminated.


You must:

  1. Complete all application forms accurately and provide correct information. Your financial aid will be withheld until all required information has been accurately submitted and verified to the satisfaction of the SIUC Financial Aid Office.
  2. Be aware of and comply with all deadlines for application or reapplication for financial aid.
  3. Furnish all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either the SIUC Financial Aid Office or other agencies.
  4. Accept responsibility for all financial aid agreements that you sign.
  5. Perform the work required by any job obtained after accepting the Federal Work-Study award.
  6. Be aware that if you withdraw from school before the end of the semester, you may have to refund some of the financial aid you received for that semester.
  7. Notify SIUC of any changes or updates to your address.
  8. Notify the SIUC Financial Aid Office if additional aid is received.
  9. Use financial aid for educational expenses only.