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Salukis Statue

The Aspirational Institutional Match Helping Illinois Grow Higher Education (AIM HIGH) Grant Pilot Program provides aid towards a full-time undergraduate student’s cost of attendance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This program is now called the Saluki Commitment.

These awards are renewable and available for up to four years (eight consecutive fall and spring semesters) of full-time enrollment provided the student maintains a cumulative 2.75 grade point average (GPA) and meets Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

Funds are limited and subject to continued state allocations. Each school must provide new financial aid funding to match the AIM HIGH funding provided by the State of Illinois. Southern Illinois University Carbondale will match the state funding with the Saluki Commitment Program.

2020-2021 AIM HIGH Scholarship Academic and Financial Criteria

2019-2020 AIM HIGH Scholarship Academic and Financial Criteria

What’s covered

Your tuition and mandatory fees will be covered after all other financial aid is applied. Coverage is guaranteed for four (transfer student) or eight (freshman student) consecutive fall and spring semesters over four years. Funding is capped at 15 hours per semester. Total aid will not exceed the cost of tuition and mandatory fees, so if you receive additional awards in the future, your Saluki Commitment funding will be reduced accordingly.

What’s not covered

The Saluki Commitment does not cover housing, course fees, student health insurance, parking permits and fines, summer courses, Study Abroad, books and indirect costs such as transportation and supplies. The program is for new first-time students starting Fall 2021 or later. Current students are not eligible.