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Creating A Budget to Match Your Lifestyle!

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Bags of Money Picture IconBudgeting Tips to Remember:

1. Do not spend more than you earn.

2. You should never put anything on a credit card that you know you cannot pay off at the end of the month. Emergencies happen, but be prepared with savings to handle them.

3. Always Pay yourself first! You should include in your budget money that needs to be set aside into your savings. 

4. Do not forget to budget for those items that may not occur every month such as car repairs and/or gifts.

5. Budget for enrtainment! It is OK for you to have a life. Just do it sensibly.
Put in your budget money for a night out, dinner and a movie or a baseball game. Just make sure that you stay within your means and do not get carried away. For example, instead of going to dinner and a movie, get take-out and rent a movie!

Easiest Ways to Save Money

Create a financial game plan to save money!