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Save Your Money

It's time to eat healthy on a budget!

  • If you have a meal plan through University Housing, be sure that you are using it - Lentz and Trueblood Dining Halls offer a variety of healthy menus - and after all, you are paying for it! 
  • Cook a meal in the kitchen of your Residence Hall with friends. If you do not have any pots or pans, check with your RA.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks to carry around campus with you to avoid the temptation of those vending machines!
  • If you decide to eat out, make sure you are utilizing those discounts! Watch for eateries that offer discounts to students who show their SIU ID, and use the Daily Egyptian's coupons! 
  • When eating out, check to see if the restaurant has an online menu. If it does, plan your meal ahead of time and don't stray from your plan.
  • Split checks so you only end up paying for what you ordered. 
  • Cut coupons before you go the the grocery store and never go to the grocery store hungry!
  • Make a grocery list when shopping and stick to it!
  • If the grocery store you are shopping with has a discount card, make sure to sign up so you can benefit from the cost savings and rewards programs. 
  • Many store brand foods taste exactly like the name brand food for just a fraction of the price.
  • Shop at local farmer's markets for fresh produce! 

Healthy Eating On a Budget!

Eating Healthy On a Budget