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Save Your Money

calculator iconCreating a budget can be a very daunting task.

Once you get started, it's not too bad. You can still go out to dinner and see a movie every now and then. By creating your own budget, you will be able to see exactly how many times you can go out each week. 

What Is A Budget?

Your Personal Budget Diary

Budget Spreadsheet

Simply put,

a budget is a plan used to decide the amount of money you can spend each week/month and how you are going to spend that money. The first step to creating your own budget is writing down your income sources and then writing down your expenses. Once you have written down all of your sources of income and expenses, you can see if you incur a net income, net loss or break even.

Net income: when you have more income than expenses

Net loss: when you have more expenses than net income

Break Even: net income equals net expenses



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