Smart Shopping

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Save your Money

 Utilize these tips to help you become a smarter shopper!

  • Books- buy used or rent your text books! There is no reason to pay full price unless there is no alternative option. 
  • Do not forget to sell any of your unneeded textbooks at the end of each semester!
  • Using your email address can give you discounts on paid websites.
  • Visit the SIU Dental Hygiene Clinic for discounted dental care.
  • Show your student ID! Multiple restaurants and stores offer discounts to college students- be sure to ask!
  • Carry cash on you instead of a card to avoid the temptation of overspending.
  • Cloud data storage- back up and share your computer files for free on multiple websites such as Dropbox.
  • Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon are all inexpensive alternatives to going to the movie theater. 
  • Many stores put holiday-specific items on sale the day after the holiday. If you can wait to celebrate, you may be able to get some good deals!

Websites with specials and daily deals are right at your fingertips! Check out these choices: